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The brokerage you select says a lot about you. It is often the first thing buyers and sellers see when you hand them your business card. Remember, if you choose RE/MAX, the name becomes a part of your brand so it’s important to choose wisely.

Allison Cimoszko is the Managing Broker at RE/MAX Select Properties in Vancouver. Allison manages a group of 100+ top producing real estate agents in Vancouver.

Allison has been affiliated with the RE/MAX Select Properties office for the past 4 years. She started in the training and mentoring capacity. When the position of Managing Broker became available, it was clearly the next step for her.

Allison firmly believes that with RE/MAX, “We have local ownership second to none.” The owners believe in supporting ongoing education and entrepreneurship of the agents to deliver superior product and services to the public.

Allison started her career in real estate with RE/MAX, where she worked for 5 years; it was her first office.

Looking back on her first real estate office experience, she recalls that “We did very well, it was very busy, awesome experience.” However, after 5 years, she hung up her RE/MAX license and went with a different company.

Allison immediately felt the let down. She recalls thinking to herself ‘I’m not with RE/MAX anymore.’

The decision to switch brokerages made a huge difference. To step out of that RE/MAX power, the energy and the synergies that go on had a big impact.

The change that she made was only with the brokerage, she stayed in the same community. She recalls thinking early in her career: ‘all the brokerages are all the same.’

However, when she did make the change, she quickly realized this is not the case at all. Allison recalls ‘aching to get back to RE/MAX as fast as I could, and I did.’

When she realized that the brokerage did make the difference, Allison joined a different RE/MAX office right away. RE/MAX provided the training. When thinking of the RE/MAX balloon, Allison states that ‘it really made a difference!’

Allison finds that people in the real estate industry think they are not good enough to come to RE/MAX.

If you are a real estate agent who is not finding the success you desire, you owe it to yourself to choose RE/MAX.

To help you choose RE/MAX
• Take the training
• Sit in on some information sessions
• Ask a managing broker to help you build a business plan

If you take the steps and choose RE/MAX, Allison believes that you can make good money and be very successful.

For questions regarding real estate, RE/MAX Select Properties office or agents, Allison’s door is always open. Email Allison Cimoszko at